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How to Select the Right Cleaning Chemicals for the Job

Date: 19-Mar-2019

When looking to use cleaning chemicals in your home or office, it is vital that you select the correct product to ensure the best outcome. Whilst it is very popular to use all-purpose cleaners for a variety of different jobs, this is rarely the best method to achieve long-lasting results. There are a number of different cleaning chemicals that should be used depending on the specific task at hand.

There are 4 types of cleaning agents which you should be aware of when deciding what product is best for the job:

  1. Detergents - These are the cleaning agents that are perhaps most familiar to you. The basic purpose of these agents is to break up dirt or soil allowing it to be removed easily and efficiently. The two most common forms of detergents that are used in the household daily are dishwashing detergents and laundry detergents.

  2. Acids - These are the most powerful cleaners and thus should be used with a lot of care. These acidic agents can be extremely poisonous if not diluted correctly and are generally used for the removal of inorganic deposits. They can be used to unblock pipes, to clean concrete and hard surfaces as well as descaling dishwashers or removing rust.

  3. Metal Cleaners - These products contain abrasives which are chemicals that require you to use a rubbing action to clean hard surfaces. They are most commonly used in commercial kitchens when cleaning stainless steel sinks or faucets as well as kitchen floors, pots, and pans.

  4. Degreasers - As the name suggests, degreasers are quite literally used for the removal of grease. They are generally used for oven tops and any area that is prone to significant grease build-up. Methylated Spirit is a common type of degreaser however this is not recommended in the kitchen due to its toxic nature.

As illustrated above there is a very broad range of cleaning agents available to you and it is paramount that you select the correct product for the job at hand. If you are looking to purchase the correct cleaning chemicals for your home or business and wish to learn more please get in touch today to found out how we can help!