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A Guide To Cut Resistant Gloves And Why You Need Them

Date: 26-Jun-2019

Safety risks are present in many work environments but the important thing is for employers to take the necessary steps in order to minimise and prevent them. In most industrial sectors where these risks are present, the job scope requires workers to be ‘hands-on,’ and this makes injuries to the hands by far the most common with the best method of protection to prevent them being cut resistant gloves

Why Are Cut Resistant Gloves Important?

When an employee is exposed to sharp tools, materials or blades when undertaking their job responsibilities it is essential that their hands are protected. Cut resistant gloves are an essential piece of protective equipment that helps minimise its wearer’s exposure to hand injury risks and should be worn when handling dangerous objects.

However, there are many types of cut resistant gloves that have varying levels of cut resistance and provide different levels of protection for different types of jobs. Read on to learn about how you can identify the kind of cut resistant gloves that will provide sufficient protection and is best suited to your work environment.

Identify The Risks At Your Workplace

The level of protection you would want your cut resistant gloves to provide will depend on the level of the risks that your hands are exposed to. It is the make of the glove that lends to its cut resistance level. Here is a simple guide on the materials that provide sufficient protection for these respective levels of risks:

  • Latex - Nuisance Cuts (paper cuts, injuries from car maintenance, parts assembly etc.)

  • Leather - Low Cut Hazards (construction, masonry, packaging)

  • Synthetics - Moderate Cut Hazards (light metal stamping)

  • Engineered Yarns - High Cut Hazards (sheet metal handling, glass handling, food service)

  • Metal Mesh - Extreme Cut Hazards (heavy metal stamping, food preparation)

It is important to make safety a priority in the workplace and cut resistant gloves are an essential piece of the puzzle. If you are still unsure about the right materials for cut resistant gloves that are suitable for your work environment, get in touch with us and we will help you identify it.