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Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Packaging

Date: 20-08-2020

The main purpose of packaging is to protect your products. However, it’s now an important component that can influence a company’s sales performance and even brand image. 

There are many major brands that invest in eye-catching, efficient packaging that is designed to satisfy customers and help do their part for the environment. 

As a supplier of sustainable packaging supplies, we have experience dealing with all sorts of product packaging. Below are some ideas you can use to improve your packaging and hopefully, your business.

Use Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging has come a long way. With developments in technology, green materials are easier and cheaper to produce, making them a more viable option for packaging. You can use sustainable packaging supplies made of recycled cardboard, biodegradable plastics and even exotic materials like starch blends.

The easiest, most eco-friendly approach would be to use recycled materials as they are abundant and cost-effective. By using recycled packaging, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, customers will be able to see that you’re environmentally responsible

Custom Print

Having custom prints and texts on your packaging is a great way to stand out from other businesses and make a lasting impression on customers. You can use branded boxes and envelopes, or print eye-catching patterns on them. 

Customising in this way may involve extra costs, but its a great way to promote your brand. If customers like the improved presentation of your packaging, they’ll be more likely to purchase from you again. 

Use Lightweight And Less Bulky Packaging

By using lighter and space-saving cushioning materials to protect your products during shipping, you can reduce the size and weight of the box that you ship out. 

In high volume scenarious, this helps reduce your fuel and overall energy costs. Packaging supplies you can use to save space and weight are corrugated cardboard, lightweight air cushions and padded bags.

Include Small Gifts

Including small gifts in your packages is a great way to surprise your customers. Even small gifts can have a big impact and make them feel appreciated. Don’t just send any random gift; instead, send something that adds value and is related to your brand. 

You can include a free sample, discount voucher or customised thank you note. Gifts with your brand’s logo such as stickers, pens and notebooks can serve as marketing as well.

Reduce Packaging 

Sustainable packaging supplies don’t only apply to recycled materials. Instead, they include more efficiently designed packaging as well. Some items have multiple layers of uneccess packaging, which are a waste of space and material. 

By reducing the amount of material in your packaging, you can reduce your costs and environmental impact at the same time.

Improving your packaging can bring a number of benefits to your business, from reducing your costs and environmental impact, to improving customers’ perception of your brand. If you’re looking for sustainable packaging supplies or need help with other PowerPak products, feel free to contact us.