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Become A Lean, Green Packing Machine: 5 Amazing Benefits Of Sustainable Packaging

Date: 24-Oct-2018

Sustainability is a big issue nowadays, and nowhere is it more keenly felt than when it comes to packaging. You only have to look at the popularity of shows like the ABC’s “The War On Waste” to get a feeling for the immense impact that disposable packaging has on the environment and how concerns over this issue have really struck a chord with the public.

While it’s definitely a concern for a lot of consumers, you might be wondering what the benefits of sustainable packaging practices are for you as a business. Well, it turns out that there are quite a few reasons to change your operation into a lean, green packaging machine.

1) Increased Sales & Good PR

With environmental issues and growing concerns over waste, one of the main benefits of sustainable packaging practices can be a PR boost and an associated increase in sales. More and more people are looking to spend their money in a more environmentally responsible manner. If you're able to successfully market your company and product lines to appeal to this growing market, it can be great for your brand image and help you to boost your sales by appealing to a whole new market segment.

2) Lower Operating Costs

Eco-friendly, sustainable packaging materials tend to be more compact and lightweight. This can help you save on shipping costs, especially if your company deals with a large volume of freight.

Sourcing your sustainable packaging materials locally and integrating this into a well thought out logistics plan is another great way of lowering operating costs while improving sustainability.

3) Reduced Carbon Footprint

Your business's carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds that are emitted into the atmosphere due to its consumption of fossil fuels. Adopting sustainable packaging practices can help to significantly reduce it in a number of ways.

The weight of your packaging materials directly impacts the amount of energy required to ship them to ship them to the retailer or end user. Rethinking the amount of packaging you use and switching to lighter, more sustainable materials will help to drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

Choosing recycled and/or recyclable materials where possible and opting not to use too many plastics (which are made from oil products and have an extremely large carbon footprint) are also great steps to take.

4) Less Allergens & Toxins

A lot of biodegradable packaging materials are also non-toxic and free of allergens. Not only can some lines of bio-plastics able to run on the same machinery as regular flexible materials, they’ll also appeal much more to consumers who are worried about the impact that plastics have on their health and the environment in general.

5) More Storage & Space

Being smarter and more efficient about your packaging operations is a key step in making them more sustainable. One great byproduct of this is that it will most likely free up a lot of space that was once used to store bulky, unnecessary packaging materials. It’ll also mean that the goods you package are smaller as well.

Smaller packages mean that less space is required for transportation, meaning you can ship more products in less time and effectively reduce your freight costs. The space you free up at your facility can also be used to expand your product line or be utilized for other projects that you didn’t have room for previously.

Want to learn more about how your business can profit from the benefits of sustainable packaging. As WA’s leading distributor of packaging material, we can help supply you with the supplies you need to keep up with the ever increasing demand for sustainable, eco-friendly packaging. Get in touch with us today to find out more.