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Plastic packaging plays an important role in protecting and preserving products in various industries, including food, beverages and industrial equipment. This blog post takes a closer look at the available types of plastic packaging materials available from PowerPak Packaging:

  • Plastic Bags – Lightweight, easy to carry and provides protection against moisture and contaminants.
  • Hand Stretch Film – Also known as pallet wrap, hand stretch film is used to secure and stabilise loads on pallets. It provides excellent cling properties and protects products from dust, moisture and damage during transportation.
  • Machine Stretch Film – Specifically designed for use with pallet wrapping machines, machine stretch film offers high elongation and superior load-holding strength, providing optimal stability and protection for palletised goods.
  • Poly Tubing – Poly tubing is a versatile plastic packaging material that can be cut to any desired length. It’s commonly used for packaging items of varying sizes and lengths in industries like textiles, automotive and electronics.
  • Shrink Film – A thermoplastic material that shrinks tightly around products when heat is applied. It offers tamper-evident packaging and is widely used for packaging CDs, DVDs and food products. Shrink film provides excellent clarity and can be recycled after use.
  • Liners – Plastic liners are used to line containers to provide additional protection. They help prevent leakage and contamination while ensuring proper containment of liquids and powders.
  • Pallet Top Covers – Pallet top covers are used to protect the top layer of goods on a pallet from dust, moisture and damage.
  • Builders Film – Builders film, also known as construction film or polyethylene sheeting, is a heavy-duty plastic film used in the construction industry. It offers temporary weather protection and can be used as a dust cover or underlayment.

PowerPak Packaging also stocks various tools for use with plastic packaging materials. This includes film roll carriers that are designed to hold and dispense plastic packaging film rolls efficiently, as well as pallet wrapping machine that automate the process of wrapping pallets with stretch films.

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