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As an architectural timber manufacturer and supplier in Australia, we needed a packaging supplier that provided high quality products, at good prices, and with great customer service. We got all of that and more from PowerPak.

Who are we?

Mortlock Timber is one of Australia’s leading premium architectural timber suppliers. We are a team of friendly and dedicated individuals with a combined 80 years experience in the timber industry. Our premium timber cladding and decking systems are used by some of Australia’s foremost architects and builders in commercial, public and residential projects.

Why do we choose PowerPak for all our packaging needs?

We choose PowerPak as our packaging supplier because of their extensive product range, amazing customer service and reliable, on time deliveries. Working with PowerPak allows us to have greater efficiency and deliver high quality services to our clients.

PowerPak has a very large product range and they always seem to have what we want in stock. Plus, if we need something custom made for us, PowerPak is always able to make it exactly as we ask without any trouble.

Working with PowerPak has always been easy and hassle free. It has been very rare that we have had an issue with any of the products, and whenever there has been one, they were able to fix it quickly and completely. As a family owned local WA business, we appreciate how hard PowerPak works to make sure all their products are up to standard every time.

As a busy business with deadlines and customer expectations to meet, we appreciate how speedy PowerPak is with processing and delivering our orders. When we place an order with them, it is delivered the next day or sometimes even on the same day. This makes it much easier for us to keep things flowing smoothly on our end, especially when it’s an urgent order.

Choosing PowerPak has improved our efficiency greatly.

We have found the team at PowerPak to have in-depth knowledge of their products and the range of options available. This has been particularly helpful to us when deciding which products would suit our needs best.

One time, we thought we needed a certain type of tool and Gareth from PowerPak was able to identify what we actually needed to get the job done. He recommended a product we had never tried before and gave us a demo tool to try for a few weeks. This tool improved our efficiency greatly and we have bought two of them since.

PowerPak is always a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable packaging supplier with excellent customer service.