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Multipurpose Contact Cleaner Spray

Do you need to remove oxides and other substances from switches and connectors? Fortunately, the PowerPak Packaging team can provide you with an effective electrical contact cleaner spray for use on electrical components, including conductive surfaces. These multipurpose cleaners are comprised of various chemicals and are ideal for a range of applications in workshops or workplaces. If you’re looking for an electrical contact spray, we’ve got you covered.

Safe for Use on Electronics

Also known as a switch cleaner, these sprays are extremely useful and offer huge benefits. Not only are they safe to use on electronics and easy to apply, but they’re also quick drying and leave behind no residue. In addition, they can be used on different surfaces ranging from electrical contacts, generators and motors through to sensors, circuit breakers and more. We can also provide you with an air duster spray that uses 70 PSI continuous pressure to remove dust and other debris. You won’t have to worry about oil and oxidation with these -conductive and non-corrosive spray products.

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Whether you’re looking for contact cleaners in Perth or contact cleaners in Adelaide, PowerPak Packaging offers the best range to choose from. If you have any questions or requests, you can reach us via phone or online enquiry to chat with us.