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Want to advertise your products and promote your brand? Need to set up warning and danger signs? All kinds of businesses and organisations can use stencils as a more cost-effective and longer-lasting alternative to other signage solutions. PowerPak Packaging offers stencil sets in Adelaide and Perth which can be used with pigment to produce letters and numbers on various surfaces. Whether you want a zinc or brass letter stencils set, we’ve got you covered.

Quality Zinc & Brass Options

The stencil set suppliers at PowerPak source and stock only the best quality stencil sets online. We offer zinc and brass stencil sets in Perth and Adelaide that come in separate sets of 0-9 or A-Z, allowing you to create your desired messages. Our zinc stencils are solvent resistant, while our brass stencils interlock snuggly together and are ideal for jobs where letters constantly change. Both are easy to clean and can be reused repeatedly to produce new messages or signs rapidly. In addition, our spray paint stencils require no special placement or installation and need just a conservative application of pigment, which can be re applied at any time if any signs of wear appear.

Buy Stencil Sets Today

Customers who require stencil sets can trust PowerPak Packaging – leading wholesale stencil suppliers in Perth and Adelaide offering the highest quality items. Call us or enquire online today to learn more about our available range.