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Purchasing reputable and high quality packaging products is not always as easy as you would hope. That’s why at PowerPak we have done the hard work for you and have put the biggest range of packaging products, industrial products, office stationery and protective wear at your fingertips. No matter the size of your order we will package and ship it on the same day. This includes all orders of adhesive tape dispensers, strapping accessories, plastic packaging materials or protective packaging.

Regardless of your need for marking identification, washroom cafeteria, or materials handling products we’ve scoured the globe sourcing what you need. Even if you find a cheaper price for the same product we will beat it by 5%.

Order any of our health safety products or mailing despatch products and rest assured knowing that because you’re ordering from PowerPak you know you’re only ordering the highest quality products, shipped to you by our dedicated and caring team. Order online today or contact us here!

Packaging FAQs

What is corrugated cardboard?

Cardboard is a broad term that includes all types of heavy-duty paper that can include cardstock, paperboard and corrugated fiberboard. Corrugated cardboard is made by gluing a flat sheet of paper to a corrugated fluted sheet of paper to give enhanced structural integrity

How do I properly measure a box?

To ensure a snug and protective fit around the contents of the box, box measurements need to correspond to the inner dimensions. Measure the length, width and depth (height) of what you need to pack and express the measurements in millimetres. Dimensions should be in the order of length, width and depth

Do you have off-the-shelf stock boxes?

Yes, PowerPak has a selection of off-the-shelf packing boxes and stock cartons suitable to a wide range of applications.

What is your minimum order quantity for bespoke boxes?

Roughly a pallets worth (1.2x1.2x1.2m) for printed and 500 for none printed.

How long will it take to prepare a custom packaging quote?

About 2~3 days depending on type of quote.

How long will it take you to deliver my custom packaging?

Typically 3~4 weeks but can be up to 6 weeks depending on style and print.

I need a particularly large box, is that a problem?

Can be, but we would be happy to explore the possibilities to suit our customer's requirements.

Can PowerPak handle orders for large quantities?

Yes, but there is a longer lead time associated.

Can my boxes be printed with our company logo?

Yes. Packaging provides the perfect opportunity to further develop your company's brand. PowerPak Ltd can print your contact details, logo and key messages on all kinds of boxes, packaging and tape, all we need you to do is supply your artwork and guidelines to enable us to give you a quote.

Will my boxes arrive assembled?

No. All boxes are delivered flat-packed to reduce space & storage costs and increase efficiency.

What should I use to seal my box?

Boxes can be sealed using adhesive packaging tape, hot melt glue, staples, or strapping depending on the industry you are in and what’s packed inside.


Cushioning & Protection - FAQ

How should I protect fragile and heavy items?

We have a wide range of protective packaging available to suit virtually every application. Click here to browse our range and find the exact product to suit your needs.

What should I use to fill the any empty space after my products have been packed?

If you have products that are of unusual size or shape then void fill packaging is recommended for filling any empty space left after the item(s) have been packed in their outer shipping cardboard box or to prevent damages.

Check out our range to find out what’s right for you.

What is Silica Gel and why do I need it?

Silica Gel sachets absorb water and moisture and thus remove humidity in sealed packages. They prevent corrosion, condensation, rusting and fungal growth and are ideal for electronics, precision equipment, leather goods, pharmaceuticals and optics etc.

What are Dunnage Bags?

Dunnage Bags are an easy to use in-transit inflatable load security bag system used to secure and protect freight. They prevent load shifting, one of the main causes of accidents during transit, by bracing the loads in place to stop them moving.

Flexible, inexpensive and quick & easy to install, Dunnage Bags are a great way to protect goods in transit and reduce losses due to replacement costs.

What is bubble wrap?

A highly effective and versatile packing material, bubble wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material consisting of regularly spaced, protruding air-filled ‘bubbles’ that provide cushioning for fragile items.

How much bubble wrap do I need for my packaging?

That depends entirely on the size and nature of the goods being shipped. Larger, more durable items may only need to be wrapped in a single layer. Delicate, more fragile items may require additional bubble wrap the provide the cushioning that is needed to keep them safe during transit.

Are there different kinds of bubble wrap available?

Yes, depending on the size and durability of the items being packed, there are different sized ‘bubbles’ that provide varying levels of cushioning to different sized items. It’s important to select the right type of bubble wrap to ensure that your goods are not damaged during transit.

How do you properly use bubble wrap?

Most items are best wrapped in a single or multiple layers of bubble wrap to prevent them from impact during transit. However, bubble wrap can also be effectively used to fill in empty space in packaging boxes to limit movement and provide additional impact protection.



What is the function of personal protective equipment (PPE)?

PPE refers to the protective clothing, glasses, helmets and other garments designed to protect the wearer from injury or infection. Hazards protected against include physical, heat, electrical, noise, chemical, biohazard and airborne matter.

What is the importance of wearing personal protective equipment?

PPE is vital to reduce employee exposure to hazards and ensure that they are as safe as possible while carrying out their duties. Legally mandated in many industries, it’s also vital for employers to provide the correct PPE to protect themselves from legal risks and penalties.

Who is responsible for providing PPE?

Generally speaking, it is the employers responsibility to provide access to the PPE necessary for staff to safely carry out their duties. Failure to do so might result in legal and financial consequences.

What are the main types of PPE?

Most PPE falls into the following categories: respiratory protection, eye protection, hearing protection, hand protection, foot protection, head protection, skin protection and working from heights.

What kinds of PPE does PowerPak supply?

We stock a wide range of PPE to suit a number of different applications and industries. Click here to check out our full range.