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Are you looking for experienced plastic packaging manufacturers who can provide custom solutions? The team at PowerPak Packaging can provide a wide range of quality plastic packaging materials to suit your needs. From hand stretch film and machine stretch film through to pallet netting and much more, we have it all. Our plastic wrap packaging products are made with the highest standards of quality in mind and are available at wholesale prices, ensuring you’ll find what you need without breaking the bank.


You won’t be disappointed by the plastic packaging wholesale available at PowerPak Packaging. As one of the best plastic packaging companies, we can provide the following supplies:

  • Plastic bags
  • Machine stretch and hand stretch films
  • Pallet top covers
  • Poly tubing
  • Liners
  • And more

We also pride ourselves on being trusted suppliers of wrapping machines in South Australia and Western Australia, making it easier to wrap goods and pallets in a protective covering.


Whatever your needs, you can trust that the PowerPak Packaging plastic packaging suppliers and specialists can meet them. We have plastic wrap packaging for furniture protection as well as a wide variety of plastic packaging bags, which includes zip lock and stock poly, heavy duty asbestos removal poly-woven bags, and plastic wrap for pallets.

If you’re in the agricultural sector, our greenhouse film and greenhouse plastic represents the perfect blend of protection and growth promotion for various agricultural applications. Lightweight, long lasting and manufactured from quality materials, greenhouse plastic and greenhouse film can be used to really get the most out of a wide variety of crops.


You can’t go wrong choosing the plastic wrap suppliers, wholesalers and distributors at PowerPak Packaging. Shop online to browse what we have for sale and view individual items that catch your interest. You can then bulk buy and get prompt delivery to your door.

If you need more information about our plastic packaging in Perth and plastic packaging in Adelaide, or advice on which packaging solution is right for you, contact us and we’ll happily answer questions or provide a quote if you’re interested in placing a bulk order. Call us or enquire online today.



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