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Protective Netting

If you’re after heavy duty industrial netting, PowerPak Packaging has the answer for you. Check out our great range of drum netting and protective netting today. With the best quality materials and great service, doing business with PowerPak is easy, as we’re one of the leading suppliers of protective netting in Perth and Adelaide. For those looking to protect agricultural crops from bird damage, our industrial strength fruit netting is perfect for ensuring that your livelihood is as protected as possible.

Protective Netting Products We Have In Stock

  • Plastic netting
  • Tubular netting
  • Plastic mesh netting
  • Stretch netting
  • Drum netting

The Benefits of an Open Mesh Design

PowerPak Packaging supplies premium quality protective netting to Adelaide and Perth based businesses needing heavy duty netting products. These products have an open mesh design that stops moisture from becoming trapped. They significantly decrease the likelihood of merchandise corroding or rusting, meaning it will remain in good condition throughout its journey and when it arrives at its destination.

All of our heavy duty netting products can be cut to a precise length using scissors to accommodate merchandise of varying dimensions and diameters. Even merchandise that is unevenly shaped and hard to wrap can be packaged with ease using our protective netting products.

Browse Our Range & Order Today

If you need heavy duty industrial netting or fruit netting products, we can help solve your problem. Call our team of polyethylene netting suppliers in Perth and Adelaide on 1800 982 920 or order online today!